Wearable Magic

Handcrafted with intention. Reiki infused.


Adorning yourself is a sacred act, a ritual, something you can do with intention to express, protect, soothe and feel joy.



Krisana is such a beautiful soul. I love her unique touches to her jewelry especially the reiki energy and tarot messages included into each piece. Her stones are beautiful quality!  I’m so happy I stumbled across her work. I’ve been a happy customer since


I have the pleasure of acquiring several of the treasures that Krisana designed and smithed. Her customer service is top-notch. She's a skilled & knowledgeable bruja who infuses her pieces with intention. She themes collections with thought & care. I often reach for the rose quartz pendant for days when I need a reminder to dig deep for self-love or to stay centered in a heart space. The shungite ring comes with me when I'm going through a trial or need grounding. And I wear the perfectly imperfect black tourmaline pendant for an extra boost of protection.


It's beautiful! As soon as I slipped it on my finger I felt all the love and intention that went into its creation. I can't wait to add another piece to my collection!


"Simply put, essential oils are the soul of the plant, distilled into its finest point."

- A. Blackthorn