Wearable Magic

Handcrafted with intention. Reiki infused.


Adorning yourself is a sacred act, a ritual, something you can do with intention to express, protect, soothe and feel joy.



Krisana is such a beautiful soul. I love her unique touches to her jewelry especially the reiki energy and tarot messages included into each piece. Her stones are beautiful quality!  I’m so happy I stumbled across her work. I’ve been a happy customer since


I absolutely love the new addition to my collection! This rose quartz ring is so beautiful and it radiates pure healing energy. Your collections are always stunning and amazing! It's incredible how you're able to match a stone to a specific placement in jewelry, they always look like they were made for each other! Also the way you time the releases is fun and exciting. Coinciding with different seasons, moon phases or whatever is on your heart offers that much more soul medicine. When I wear jewelry it's about much more than aesthetics. I adorn myself with pieces that have significance and intention. It prepares me for the day and what is ahead. I consider it both art and armor.


I have the pleasure of acquiring several of the treasures that Krisana designed and smithed. Her customer service is top-notch. She's a skilled & knowledgeable bruja who infuses her pieces with intention. She themes collections with thought & care. I often reach for the rose quartz pendant for days when I need a reminder to dig deep for self-love or to stay centered in a heart space. The shungite ring comes with me when I'm going through a trial or need grounding. And I wear the perfectly imperfect black tourmaline pendant for an extra boost of protection.