Earth Magic

Earth Magic, also known as Green Magic, is a nature based practice that honors the natural energies and cycles of the Earth. Healing and balance between yourself, the collective and the environment are key components of Earth Magic. When you heal yourself you help heal the collective and the Earth and vice versa. The Earth Magic collection features Green Fluorite and Smoky quartz, stones that support renewal, growth, healing and strengthen our connection to the Earth. 

Fluorite increases concentration, mental clarity, organization and focus, making it a great stone for support when learning something new or starting a new project. Fluorite stabilizes emotions and helps you understand the need for balance in your life. It teaches you how to go with the flow and strengthens self confidence. In addition to the general Fluorite properties Green Fluorite is also a stone for growth, healing and renewal. A heart chakra and third eye stone, it aligns the heart and mind so that your thoughts and feelings line up with your purpose. It promotes self love and removes blockages to make space for new ideas. Green Fluorite is linked to nature energies and abundance, like most green stones. 

In addition to the general master healing and energy amplification properties of Quartz, Smokey Quartz is one of the most powerful grounding stones that helps you connect to the energy of the Earth. It helps to keep you grounded and balanced in any situation. It dispels fears, anxiety and relieves painful emotions helping you deal with difficult obstacles without getting overwhelmed. Smoky Quartz brings emotional intelligence and calmness. It promotes positive thoughts and supports taking action towards manifesting your dreams. 

The Earth Magic collection will be available on September 26th at 4pm CST