Queen of Cups

Fueled by the intuitive and nurturing energy of Cancer season, I am creating a collection inspired by the Queen of Cups. The Queen of Cups is intuitive, loving and nurturing. They are emphatic and emotionally open. The Queen of Cups invites us to nurture ourselves, get in touch with our intuition and find what makes us happy. The soothing stones I picked out embody these qualities and remind me of the imagery on this court card. 

The Queen of Cups collection will feature Amazonite, Aquamarine, Blue Apatite and Larimar. It will be available on July 17th at 4pm CST. 

Amazonite is a soothing stone, it helps process emotional trauma and alleviate worries. Amazonite helps you go with the flow.  It protects against negativity and clears blockages. Amazonite assists you with setting boundaries, within yourself and externally.  Amazonite improves concentration and enhances the ability to complete tasks timely. It helps you gain self-knowledge and communicate your truth. Amazonite promotes all forms of creativity. Specially beneficial for battling writer's block, it helps understand what you need to create and how to manifest your ideas. Amazonite promotes inner peace.

Apatite is an uplifting stone. It helps you let go of pain, allowing you to embrace peace and joy. Apatite deepens meditation and stimulates the development of psychic gifts. It supports spiritual growth, balances the chakras and enhances creativity. Blue Apatite helps you release the idea that you deserve to suffer, it releases grief for yourself and the state of the world. It helps improve public speaking and enhances group communication. Blue apatite can be used as a dream stone.

Aquamarine is a stone of communication and courage. It helps you embody the confidence needed to speak your mind and supports your ability to speak publicly. Aquamarine is very calming and promotes optimism. It supports self expression and sharpens intuition. Aquamarine is the perfect stone for sensitive people and those who tend to get overwhelmed easily. It eases overthinking and encourages a positive mindset.

Larimar is a powerful stone of healing that helps you move away from unhealthy attachments. It promotes confidence and assists in identifying self-imposed limitations and self-sabotaging behavior. Larimar has a soothing effect, it relaxes and releases stress bringing calmness. Larimar strengthens emotional stability by helping you not attach your happiness to external things. It reminds you of the inner knowing that what is meant for you will happen when it’s meant to happen. Larimar connects you to the goddess energies of sky and sea and helps awaken the divine feminine to help you fully manifest your highest purpose in life.