Queen of Wands

August is a month of transition and preparation. We are deep in fiery Leo season and the remnants of last month’s deep water season are all but gone, dried up by the fire energy we are now ready to be revitalized. The end of summer is near and it’s time to get ready for a new chapter to begin. Some are going back to school, some may be switching jobs, starting new ventures and some are getting ready to create a bountiful fall harvest and for stepping into living life as authentically as possible. As we get ready for a new beginning however it may look, we can prepare for it by using this fire energy to harness our passion and boost our courage and confidence. We can use the Queen of Wands as inspiration and use our creativity, determination and magic to create what we want in this new cycle.

The Queen of Wands is creative and full of passionate energy. Confident and courageous, she knows she can create what she desires regardless of obstacles. She is intuitive and knows how to tune into her higher self to generate ideas and visions for the future. She knows her inner magic and uses it to take action on these ideas and make her visions come to life. This is the energy I’m infusing into this month and the work I’m creating.

The Queen of Wands collection features Carnelian, Tiger Eye and Citrine. Stones for motivation, courage, creative energy and confidence. It will be ready on August 14th at 6pm CST. Newsletter subscriber will get early access to this collection 😊 

Along with The Queen of Wands pieces, this month I’m releasing the first oil from my new Chakra Ritual Oils collection. The Sacral and Solar Plexus ritual oil, a blend of citrus and floral oils infused with Citrine crystal chips, to revitalize and energize. An oil to use with the intention to create and manifest joy and abundance however they may look to you. The Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras align with the energy of the Queen of Wands and releasing them together couldn’t make more sense. For those of you that claimed a chakra piece a couple months ago and received a sample of this particular oil, this is a completely new version. Trial and error bb. 

Tiger Eye is a stone of courage, prosperity, protection and good luck. It strengthens willpower,  increases self-confidence and supports manifestation. An excellent stone for accomplishing goals, it allows you to see you have what it takes to do anything you set your mind to. Tiger Eye has the power to promote mental clarity and focus, helping you find solutions to problems without being clouded by emotions.

Citrine is a stone of success, prosperity and joy.  Citrine fills your life with happiness and positivity by eliminating negative energies, self doubt and anger. It increases self-esteem and self-confidence, promotes motivation, creativity and self-expression. A stone especially beneficial to business owners, it’s known as “the merchant stone”, for its usefulness in attracting abundance and wealth.

Carnelian is a stone of motivation. It ignites a fire inside you that instills courage and guides you towards making positive life choices. Carnelian helps empower you to accept change and transform after difficult situations. It motivates you to embark on new adventures with vitality. Carnelian eliminates negativity and anger replacing it with a love of life. It stimulates creativity and it strengthens concentration and focus.