Self Love Magic


This month's first collection, Self Love Magic is centered around the transformational power of self love. Self love is the act of loving one self. It is appreciating who you are, sending loving thoughts to yourself and showing yourself love through actions. The more love you feel towards yourself the more love you can give and receive. Giving yourself love, acceptance and forgiveness is crucial for giving the same to others. 

Loving yourself is the most effective way to be in vibrational alignment with Source (also known as The Universe, God, Spirit, The Divine).  From this vibrational alignment you can attract what you want into your life. Self love is the first step to creating your own reality. 

The Self Love Magic features Rose Quartz and Moldavite. The soothing energy of Rose Quartz helps ease the transformative effects of Moldavite. Together they create potent and transformative self love magick. The Self Love Magic collection will be available on February 27th 7:00pm central. 

Rose Quartz is the quintessential love stone. It promotes emotional healing, soothes internalized pain, balances emotions and increases self-love. Rose Quartz is a very calming stone that encourages self-forgiveness and improves self worth. It assists in releasing anxiety, fear, and past trauma. 

Moldavite has a very high vibration that opens and unblocks all the chakras. Moldavite is a transformational stone, it accelerates spiritual development, expands consciousness and improves psychic abilities. The green in moldavite makes it specially powerful as a heart chakra healing stone. It helps with the development of unconditional love towards the self and others.