Shadows and Light Collection Preview

This month’s collection was inspired by my visit to the Sun and Moon Pyramids in Teotihuacan last month. Local artisans use Obsidian extensively and I was immediately drawn to it. I brought back a few pieces for my personal collection and of course I started carrying Obsidian around with me as soon as I got it, specifically a Black Obsidian disk and sphere. A day later I could feel the effects of this powerful stone, I felt like I fell into a dark hole where I could see the parts of me that had been hidden but that were impacting my life in a negative way. It wasn’t pretty, but I knew then I had been pushed by this stone to work on my shadow. 

Shadow work can be done any time but I find this time of the year especially powerful for this type of work. We are in the dark half of the year so it makes sense that we feel pulled towards exploring our dark side. Healing that takes place after we integrate the lessons our shadow teaches us, helps bring about transformation and growth on all levels. The stones in this collection support this work. 
Black Obsidian helps us explore our shadow and integrate what we learn to evolve into our most authentic selves and live more fulfilling lives. Black Obsidian is not for the faint of heart, it’s a very powerful stone and can be intense, so I added two gentler stones to balance it out. Blue Goldstone is a man made stone created by infusing glass with copper and cobalt, it shares the same metaphysical properties as copper. Blue Goldstone inspires us to see the light in dark situations and encourages acceptance of our true selves. Rainbow Moonstone is an uplifting stone that promotes a sense of well being. It improves mental clarity, enhances confidence and helps heal old emotional wounds. 

The Shadows and Light Collection will be available on this site tomorrow 11/15  at 7pm CST