The Solar Plexus Collection

Happy June! This month I’m celebrating one year of creating sterling silver jewelry in my home studio. Building a home studio and starting metalsmithing was a huge deal for me, months before it happened I felt overwhelmed at the idea of taking that leap and never imagined it would happen so quickly. How did I do it? By changing my mindset. I stopped thinking that it was an unreachable goal and focused my energy on making it happen. The Universe is always paying attention to our thoughts, if we focus on what we can’t do then we’ll never be able to do it. We have to trust that we can get to our destination, see ourselves there, let the Universe know we are ready. All while being grateful that we are alive, that we get to make our own choices and take steps towards creating our best life. 

With the June collection I want to celebrate the power of believing in yourself and knowing you can do anything you want. This collection will feature Citrine and Tiger’s Eye, both stones share similar properties and complement each other when used/worn together. They are stones corresponding to the Solar Plexus chakra, stones of manifestation, self confidence and success. Both have been extremely beneficial to me and my business, I sing them praises any chance I get and have gifted them to my friends and family, who have noticed their positive effect on their lives.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is located just below the sternum, known as the chakra of personal power and self belief, this energy center helps us take action to accomplish personal goals and intentions. When this chakra is balanced we feel secure, assertive, confident and calm. We feel in control of our lives and ready to take action on our goals. There are several ways to balance a chakra, including wearing the color corresponding to the chakra (in this case yellow) and working with crystals associated with it. Meditation is another way to balance a chakra, for the Solar Plexus chakra it's helpful to envision a bright yellow sunflower over it, while holding or placing a corresponding stone like Citrine and/or Tiger’s Eye on the solar plexus. 

Citrine has been with me since I started making jewelry, it's a stone of success and prosperity, especially in business. I keep one in my purse, I have several all over my studio and whenever I do pop ups I keep one on my table by my card reader. Citrine fills your life with happiness, joy, and positivity by eliminating negative energies, self doubt and anger. It increases self-esteem and self-confidence, promotes motivation, creativity and self-expression. Are you obsessed yet? This stone is life. Not only that, but citrine doesn’t accumulate negative energy, so you don’t need to cleanse it.

I started using Tiger’s Eye along with Citrine because I felt called to do it, then later found out they are perfect together! They share similar properties and both balance the Solar Plexus Chakra. Tiger’s Eye is a stone of protection, prosperity and good luck. It strengthens willpower,  increases self-confidence, courage, and supports manifestation. An excellent stone for accomplishing goals, it allows you to see you have what it takes to do anything you set your mind to.

Aren’t these two crystals everything? I’m so happy I get to work with them this month, the energy feels so vibrant, it feels like the summer of manifestation. Oh yeah, I’m pulling from my Reiki healing knowledge for this collection. I don’t talk about being a Reiki healer because I don’t practice it on its own but I love infusing my jewelry with it. Creating a chakra themed was bound to happen sooner or later!

The Solar Plexus Collection will be available in the shop on Friday June 14th at 6pm CST.